10 Inch Sirupate Panawal Khukuri
  • 10 Inch Sirupate Panawal Khukuri

10 Inch Sirupate Panawal Khukuri

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The name Sirupate is coined from two different words “siru” meaning type of Nepali grass and “pate” meaning leaf. It looks like the siru leaf. It is genuine handmade Nepali traditional kukri. This kukri (khukuri) is must famous in Nepal. The handle is unique compared to other kukris, the metal of the blade in the handle area is flat and can be seen all around the handle. Rosewood joined strongly from both sides with two rivets which makes it stronger than the other kukri. Unlike other kukris, panawal (full tang) handle, it has a plain and simple handle. Semi polished blade, It is called ‘jungle’ because no machine buffing is used in the blade but the natural high hill river stone is used to sharpen and finish the blade. The Blade is best for outdoors as well as kitchen for cutting vegetables, meat as well as cutting wood and clearing bushes. It has two baby knives; one sharpener which it used for sharping original blade and another one is used for paper cutting and letter opener etc.

Origin: Dharan and other eastern towns of Nepal

Materials: Blade: High grade carbon steel (leaf spring)

Handle: Rosewood, Scabbard: water buffalo leather

Size: Overall Length: 15 inch (39 Centimeter approx.)

Blade: 10 inch (26 Cm ), Handle: 5 inch (13 Cm approx.)

Maximum Blade width: 4.2 Centimeter (42 mm approx.)

Maximum Blade thickness: 0.8 Centimeter (8 mm approx.)

Overall Weight: 700 gram (1.54 pound approx.)

Shipping Weight: 1000 gram (2.2 pound approx.)

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